Газман бял топъл мода дълго надолу яке дамски зимни връхни дрехи, палто жени Дамски дрехи с качулка на цип на яке нов 379

В наличност
135.62лв. 339.05лв.

Етикети: палто, гмуркане дрехи жени, прозрачно палто, лепенки женски паркове, дудун, случайни жени, дамски яке, яке фугу дамски, зимно палто за жени, яке газовщика.


  • Дължина ръкав(см): Пълен
  • Стил: Мода,елегантност,на Главната улица,високо качество
  • Тип: С качулка,тънък,велкро
  • Тип На Затваряне: светкавица
  • Тегло: 1.5KG
  • Тип Яка: Висока яка
  • Затворен: ДА
  • Украса: Цип
  • търговска марка: Газовщик
  • Номер На Модела: М-379
  • Пол: ЖЕНИ
  • Вид На Модела: Твърд
  • Тип Тъкани: Тъкани
  • Цвят: черно-бял
  • Възраст: Възраст 18-35 Години
  • Материал: Polyester
  • Дължина: Long
  • Ръкав: Лонгсливы
  • Дебелина на: Дебела (Зима)
  • Попълване на: Сустаны
  • Произход: CN(произход)
  • Сезон: Зима,Есен
  • Дължината На Дрехата: дълъг

Svetlana Mokryanskaya
This is the most unpleasant shopping Optus on AliExpress. They brought me a pack of visible damage. Courier IML quickly gave me the package side where it was not visible that there are holes and practical ran, I found deffecta in time and returned the package back, refused to receive the parcel in this form, motivating that she did not sign in receipt. He took some kind of Commandant that I had to deal with it with the seller. Packed down jacket was in two thin bags ??? I wrote to the seller to explain the situation of poprasila send another down jacket he answered me, well, dear,. Then the period of protection ended and I opened a dispute, AliExpress awarded an objection to money and an increase in the goods, in transport I was told that they themselves will send the parcel to the seller. I waited almost 2 months and finally the down jacket returned to the warehouse in Moscow immediately exacerbated the dispute and awarded an objection 0.00. I filed a complaint about the result of the dispute and in the support mluzhba. Finally got out and got my money back. I don't recommend anyone here to buy
Nice coat. But I did not guess with the size. I'll give it to my daughter. I will order myself even more. Delivery is very fast. Courier to home. Packed well. All parts of the zippers and hanging wrap in a protective bag. Lightning walks easily. Finishing at altitude. Pockets are trimmed inside with a soft fleece. The Hood is also warm. Unfastened.
Down jacket is very satisfied. A quality and beautiful thing, the price is definitely worth it. On the parameters 85-75-98 and height 172 cm, according to the dimensional grid, chose the size m. The result-sat perfectly. Nowhere does nothing Press or press. I feel comfortable in it when moving. The length of my height turned out to be a whole palm above the knee. It is convenient to move, the movements are not shy. Material 100% polyester, filler bio-Pooh. The down jacket itself is very warm, for the frosty winter will do. Yes, and the weight is felt in the hands. The material itself is pleasant and smooth on top, rustles (but not much), it does not look cheap. Lining is also white, matte, dense, not enlightened, the quality is very good. There is a deep hood with a visor (it is also with insulation). It is adjustable and adjustable. The down jacket is fastened to a quality plastic lock in the tone of the jacket, the dog is iron. Functions without complaints. There are two deep pockets. Yana one of them is a beautiful decor M name brand.
Very High quality! just buy it! you will not regret! Thanks Gasman for such good and beautifull jacket Marta
Good quality, heavy and sooo warm