Промоция Rose-Gold Пълен Housing Case For Nintend DS Lite Console Shell Case Kit With Buttons отвертка, за да Nintend DS Lite

В наличност
9.73лв. 11.19лв.

Подобряване!!!Сменете корпуса на Shell Case Чанта за Nintend DS Lite Console Case цвят розово злато

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  • Името На Елемент: Розово-златни пълен корпус на корпуса за Nintend DS Lite
  • Съвместим: За конзола Nintend DS Lite
  • Тегло: 0.12kg
  • състояние: чисто нов
  • Номер На Модела: За Nintend DS Lite
  • Цвят: розово злато
  • Съвместими Марка Глави.в / Модел: НЯМА
  • Произход: CN(произход)
  • Модел Nintendo: За NDS LITE
  • Опаковка: Стандартна опаковка
  • Продукт: Обвивка RoseGold за Nintend DS Lite
  • С USB порт: No
  • търговска марка: ЦУКУН

Torcida Boyz
Some small parts don't fit very well but it's fine overall. Good seller communication :)
High quality shell, every part fitted great and it looks awesome. Have to say it's a very hard job to swap cases because of the placement of the wires and other loose parts so you really have to be precise and be patient, but in the end I'm glad I did it. I can't recommend to swap the screens because the parts are quite delicate, otherwise it's a 10/10; It even has extra stickers for covering the screws and everything! One more recommendation: Be sure to make a lot of pictures of every step you're going through and be sure to view the Flickr album the other person over here shared :)